Always fond of minerals (my father was a geologist) I discovered pearls on the end of the 90s, during a family expatriation in Virginia (there are many crafts shops in the US and some of them are held by Native Americans who are especially interested by fine stones). A visit to the Conservatory of the Best Workers of France in Saint-Etienne in April 2016, as a part of the European Heritage Days, is at the origin of the story : I learnt there to pass my Jewelery CAP and am today able to use different ways such as forging, enameling, sculpting lost wax as well as assembling pearls and pieces of different materials in order to create a jewel that meets your dreams and fits you the best way.
The metals used are mainly brass, nickel silver, copper and silver; the pearls are wood, metal, glass, horn, ... and gemstones ; Swarovski and zirconia crystals can be used also.
I am as well able to repair your custom jewelry and/or antiques, as well as to create matching pieces for your jewel sets : studies and quotes may be provided on request.

long and blue necklace of African inspiration - photo vitrine

long and blue necklace of African inspiration


not available

Necklace with a drop-shape large blue agate pendant, mounted on very strong steel cord and nickel-free golden finishes, with real Baoule brass beads, painted terracotta and Ghana paper beads, embellished with lapis metallic coloured glass tiny beads. Length 67 cm (clasp included), weight 68 g.

guaranteed with this ornament made with genuine African beads !